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All Girl Skate Jam@Vans Warped Tour 2011

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The All Girl Skate Jam is back on the Vans Warped Tour Friday August 10th at Home Depot Center in Carson (Greater LA) from 11 am – 1:30 pm

The All Girl Skate Jam Invitational includes the top 10 Professional skater girls Leticia Bufoni, Elaina Sosco, Jessica Florencio, Allysha Bergado, Melissa Spillman, Olivia Rhodes, AmeeJay Papelera, Amelia Brodka, Julie Kindstrand. World Record holder from Summer X Games 2010 grom Annika Vrklan and sister Klara will demo to inspire young girls too. Pro legend skateboarders Laura Thornhill, Cindy Whitehead, Tony Jetton, and Gold medal Summer X Games skateboarder and Olympian snowboarder Cara-Beth Burnside will judge. Holly Lyons and Steve Badillo will be tandem MC’s. Live performances from DJ Lisa D’Amato, UK artist Sibley and all-girls band Spare Parts for Broken Hearts.

The All Girl Skate Jam (AGSJ) motto is “all girls, all ages, all abilities”. Prizes will be given to the girls thanks to Girlz Garage, Keep-a-Breast, Daisy Rock, Vans, Stilla Cosmetics, Hoopla, Vans Warped Tour, All Girl Skate Jam Clothing, Rockstar Bearings, Protec, Termite, Garage Board Shop, Sol Retreat, and more!

Often imitated but never duplicated the magic of the AGSJ is looking forward to another great event! The festival atmosphere of the Vans Warped Tour combines punk music with skateboarding all in one arena.

All Girl Skate Jam began in 1997 when founder Patty Segovia held the first professional all girls skateboarding event in San Diego. Since then Segovia – soul skater, action sports photographer and author has gone on to hold events from Hawaii to Spain. Follow AGSJ to Las Vegas for the S.L.A.T.E. at Magic tradeshow August 22nd – 24th with the skater girls showcasing All Girl Skate Jam clothing line at the 4,000 sq. ft. indoor skate course.

For additional information log on to
Patty Segovia
All Girl Skate Jam

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Vanessa Comar


New Video for Vans takes a look back at Ray Barbee’s Career

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Check out this new Ray Barbee 20 Year Retrospective video for Vans. One Word – SICK!

From his beginnings at Powell Peralta, to riding for Element and Vans today, Ray Barbee continues to kill it with his original styles.

So whatever you are doing right now…STOP and take a break to check the video out! It’s a great look at Ray’s well-documented career.
– MS

Vans and POW team up

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This is Awesome! It’s the type of partnership I wish to see more often. And it makes total sense. VansPOW

Vans is an amazing brand that has always been there for the riders and the industry at large. And for them to get involved with Jeremy Jones’ organization Protect Our Winters is another step to showing their commitment to what the industry truly cares about.

Here is the press release:

Cypress, CA (March 23, 2009) — Climate change is a major threat to our planet and to the future of snowboarding. In an effort to promote awareness of the issue, Vans has partnered with Protect Our Winters (POW), an organization dedicated to helping reverse the global warming crisis threatening winter sports, on a special snowboard boot project for the 2009-10 snow season.
Partnering with POW, Vans re-constructed it’s top of the line men’s Cirro and women’s Veil snowboard boots with eco-friendly materials including 100% recycled PET textile, 50% recycled PET synthetic and non-toxic water-based solvents. The boots also feature Vans’ custom designed BOA” focus system, offering riders unprecedented tech and performance in an exceptional, eco-friendly package.
“We’re proud to be such an integral part of this project with Vans – they’ve really taken it to the next level by looking internally and taking the necessary steps to fight climate change by changing their design and manufacturing processes,” said POW’s Founder Jeremy Jones. “It’s exciting and we hope it influences the rest of the industry”.

Available in early fall 2009, the Vans x POW snowboard boots will be sold at board shops worldwide.
A portion of proceeds from the collaboration will go to POW, helping to fund programs and educate the consumer toward achieving one goal we all share — protecting our winters.

iPhone Apps as a new Marketing Tool

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My curiosity about iPhone Apps started when one of my friends got herself an iPhone. Among all the people that I knew had the iPhone, she was the only one bragging about how cool these apps were, notably ShazamShazam, an application that recognizes music (artist, title of the song, etc.).

Next thing you know, iPhone Apps is all you hear about. One of my friends back in CO had been acknowledging the potential in this business and has been developing amazing apps (check him out at Rage Digital Inc.).

skate_appsThe iPhone has brought to us, marketer, new venues to promote our products/services, and to offer a completely new experience to our customer. And this is also true for our industry. Vans, for instance, is about to launch its first iPhone App, which is a pool skateboarding game featuring Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan. Other brands such as Oakley and Electric Visual have already started their own apps. Oakley offers surf reports while Electric Visual allows you to keep up with their last news, product updates, etc.

For those still learning about iPhone Apps, I found this article on It will give you some insights on iPhone Apps as marketing tools

“With the launch of the new iPhone App Store, a new platform has been created to reach millions of tech savvy users. With new platforms, comes new marketing channels. While the cost of entry is higher to build an app for the iPhone, that also limits the number of competitors.

You have three options when building an iPhone app:

  1. Build an app that promotes your service (MLB has a paid app for scores and stats)
  2. Build an app that replicates your service (ebay, facebook, paypal and myspace all do this)
  3. Build an independent app (an app that is not tied to a current product or service)

Building an app that promotes your service without actually mimicking it is probably the most difficult. The only purpose is to make users aware of your service, but there has to be a hook to download and use the app. Major League Baseball’s “ At Bat” ($4.99 in the app store) is a great extension of the brand. While you could look up scores through the web on your iPhone, apps are usually faster and give you the essential information that you are looking for.

The next option is an app that is an extension of your service. Most apps that replicate a service are scaled down versions that lack features but do the essentials. It is easier to navigate Facebook on a normal computer screen, but you can get the main objectives competed through the Facbook app. Twitterrific on the other hand (which is a third party twitter app) almost makes going to the main twitter site pointless (when it is up….eww low blow). Most of these apps are free, like the main sites, and allow you to spend more time using the service since you don’t need a computer to access them.

The third option is create a new app as its own entity, not tied to a current business. This is a new way to launch without doing an extensive site and service. An app is a great way to test a potential startup idea. If the iPhone crowd loves to use it and there is a need on the web, your app may have a bigger market than you realize.

Another aspect of the iPhone app store is the paid vs. free models. With apps being as easy to buy as music in the iTunes store and on your iPhone, not needing to pull out your credit card to buy will increase purchasing. Games have been a huge hit as they are eight of the top ten paid apps as of July 15th (less than a week after the app store was launched).

With any new platform, there will be many lessons learned as to how far someone will use their phone to replace normal computer tasks. While email, IMing, and social network apps are widely adopted, many are not comfortable banking on their phone.”

~ CG

“This is the nature of genius, to be able to grasp the knowable even when noone else recognizes that it is present.”

– Deepak Chopra