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Former French Pro Snowboarders Launch Surf & Yoga Travel Concept

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My Surf Yoga Retreat brings surfers and yogis together to surf the best waves in the world and get back into shape, the yoga way.

We all live surf, eat surf, dream surf and when it comes to thinking about our next vacations, we think surf. Indonesia, Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, the list goes on and on.

For former pro snowboarder Gary Zebrowski it is the same, and after putting an end to his snowboarding career after the 2010 Winter Olympics, he decided it was time to go back to its Tahitian roots: the Ocean.

With his wife, former pro snowboarder Caroline Beliard-Zebrowski, now living the surf and yoga life, they recently started a new venture and launched My Surf Yoga Retreat, a new travel concept for those into surf, yoga and change. “By organizing these retreats we wanted to share our roots, culture and passions with others”, says Caroline. “The boat trip in Tahiti is the best example of what we want to share with people: immersing them into the Tahitian culture, having them surf spots nobody could surf otherwise, going deep-sea fishing, doing yoga on deserted islands, and yes, forgetting about their cell phone and Facebook.”

Laguna Beach, CA, Hossegor, France and a boating trip in Tahiti are some of the upcoming 2012 getaways they organize. For more info on Gary and Caroline’s new venture, please visit



Bottle Betty Launches its Website

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Bottle Betty “The bikini that pops tops” just launched its website. Their line is hot, original and brings a new flair to bikinis. Check out their new 2010 Spring line!

Hey, Can I Come In…?

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The action sports industry is an industry built upon a lifestyle. Plain and simple. But what is a lifestyle? By definition it’s the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

I think we could pretty much segment any board sport and get a pretty clear picture of the lifestyle. Surfers for example – habits? Surf all day. Attitudes? If it doesn’t have to do with surfing, I don’t care. Tastes? Tacos anyone (j/k)… You get my point though.

This guy does not skate...!

The lifestyles of the core practitioners are simply the complete immersion of their activity and anything that has to do with it. Repeat the last part of that sentence, “anything that has to do with it (their activity)”. For example music, videos, apparel, brands, Pros, websites, magazines and so forth.

It is because of this fact that non-endemic brands looking to enter into the industry must do so with an authentic approach. The lifestyle is there, the activity is there, the likes and dislikes are there, tastes, attitudes, habits and so forth are all there to learn from. So why do big brands barge in unannounced, unsympathetic and disconnected? Most big companies don’t do their research and are too focused on increasing market share that they overlook the most basic component of building relationships, which is interaction.

Ask yourself these questions before stepping foot into the world of action sports – what would this target group (skate, surf, snow, etc) like to see from my companies involvement, how do I open up that dialogue and how to I effectively and authentically fill that need?

If you can answer those questions, I’ll be seeing you on the inside in no time. Just don’t forget to knock.

This one takes the cake…


The Beauty of Passion

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When I was reading the SurfersVillage newsletter this morning, I bumped into this article, that I thought was worth sharing.

bertish-boardThe article talks about big-wave surfer Chris Bertish launching a website to help raise funds so he could travel to compete in 3 Big Wave events he has been invited to. A couple things I wanted to comment on:

1. The industry really hasn’t been able to fully support some of the pro surfers out there. I know a lot of professional action sports athletes that are struggling right now, but they manage to get enough financial support from their sponsors to be able to afford travel expenses to participate in contests. Chris explains the reasons for such issue, in his case being from South Africa.

2. What I actually really liked in this story is that, despite the struggle Chris is going through, he has not given up on his passion, he has created opportunities for himself to be able to go through this hard time. He built a website to help him raise sponsorship money. He is proactive in the social media world with a facebook page and a twitter account as well as a blog that he uses to update his fans with news and content. His website has anything from pics and videos to a link to his blog, and benefits to be his sponsor. He is also organizing a fundraiser in South Africa with tons of great auction items.

I say way to go! I admire these athletes who are fighting for their passion in a smart way, building awareness for their “brand” and working hard to be able to live off their passion.

Check out his website:


DBC Ride Shop’s Makeover

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Recently, I read an article in the LA Times business section that caught my attention and so I wanted to share it with you. The article talks about DBC and it’s owners and the steps they need to take in order to make this one time thriving store a successful one once again. Industy expert Tommy Knapp offers advice and recommends that DBC narrows it’s focus and establish a niche.

DBC Surf

Tommy advises DBC Ride Shop owners Greg Armer and George Beard in San Clemente to focus on their core: drop surf and do skate, and get new vendors and product that isn’t sold everywhere else. He also mentions to establish grass roots marketing and have hot dog days and other cool events at the store that will increase their in-store customers. Marketing seems to be one of those budgets that goes first during tough times, when in fact there should be more emphasis placed on it especially when the strategies are cost efficient.

Since the shop is moving to San Clemente, where there are many other surf retailers, DBC will have to make certain changes in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.”Their business is very viable,” Knapp says. “It’s only a lost cause if they continue to be in a sea of sameness.”

With that being said, be creative with your marketing and merchandising and offer something unique to your customers.


Celebrate a Victory for Trestles and San Onofre State Beach

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nixon-saved-party-grapic-729965“The Surfrider Foundation South Orange County Chapter is hosting a Trestles victory party on Friday, February 6, 2009, to celebrate the Federal government denying the proposed toll road through San Onofre State Beach. The party is being held on February 6th to mark the one year anniversary of their most gratifying victory when the California Coastal Commission voted to strike down the toll road”

If you can, come and join the party!


San Diego Trade Shows and Events

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If you are planning on going down to the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) trade show this week, you might also want to check out some of the other events revolving around the ASR such as:
Imagine Marketing Agency Seminar
Powerful Cost Efficient Marketing Strategies:

In these down economic times, it is more important than ever to have an effective marketing strategy that is cost efficient. Join Tim Martinez as he discusses low cost, high impact marketing tools, resources, tips and strategies that can get your business moving in the right direction today.
Friday, Jan. 23 @ 9:30 am

Agenda Trade Show

Cross Roads Trade Shows

Vice Party