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The recently established Telegraph Skateboards, brainchild to skateboard legend Brian Lotti (1st & Hope/ Free Pegasus) has inked a distribution partnership with Unified Skate Supply. Unified will serve as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for all of Telegraph Skateboards needs over the length of the partnership.

The idea for Telegraph Skateboards to team with Unified is a strategic move on behalf of both parties. Lotti was looking for a distributor based in Los Angeles that would offer enough flexibility for maximum creativity, room for growth and like-mindedness in business ethics, mission and vision. Unified offered just that.

“This partnership makes a ton of sense for our brand. Unified is one of the few distributors located in Los Angeles, so we can develop a close working relationship with them. Marko is an active skateboarder, company owner and entrepreneur who is offering us a ton of support and potential on the business side. We want to do some fun stuff and steadily grow Telegraph as one of the core skateboard companies.” – B Lotti

Unified owner Marko J stated, ”We are stoked to be partners with Telegraph. We have all of the resources available to us to build and grow this great and unique brand. Both shops and kids are looking for something unique and very few brands are offering something different. Brian’s creative vision is new”

Telegraph will initially offer a line of decks, wheels, and shirts. There are plans to develop a full product offering of apparel and accessories by the end of the year. Unified will be fully stocked with the new Spring line of Telegraph products starting March 15th.

About Unified:
Unified Skate Supply was formed in 2009 by long time professional skateboarder and company owner Marko Jasbinsek (Sugar Skateboards /Goldstar Skateboards). Unified was created to serve as a distribution company for a small host of established brands. Unified has recently moved into a new warehouse space in Canoga Park housing all inventory, printing equipment and a hardy sales team.

For more information please visit:
Telegraph Skateboards:
Unified Skate Supply:

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David Flores & Danny Gonzalez Art Show

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2011 Kick4Humanity Soccer Tournament is ON!

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Colin Kennedy’s LA Skate Film Festival Interview

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LASFF catches up with the very talented and creative, Colin Kennedy, who directed “Wood”, a nominated film at last year’s festival.
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New Video for Vans takes a look back at Ray Barbee’s Career

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Check out this new Ray Barbee 20 Year Retrospective video for Vans. One Word – SICK!

From his beginnings at Powell Peralta, to riding for Element and Vans today, Ray Barbee continues to kill it with his original styles.

So whatever you are doing right now…STOP and take a break to check the video out! It’s a great look at Ray’s well-documented career.
– MS

Geoff Rowley LA Skate Film Festival’s Interview

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Photo by: Anthony Acosta

Pro Skateboarder Geoff Rowley gets interviewed for the LA Skate Film Festival. Geoff Co-Produced & Co-Directed “Extremely Sorry”; Winner for Best US Skate Film at the Festival. In the interview, he talks about what first got him into filmmaking, the future of skateboard videos, getting involved with the festival and more.

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Planning & Managing an Event

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An event can be referred to as many things, for instance a competition, a ceremony, a festival, a party, a demo, etc. In our industry we see a combination of these.

Creating and operating an event, regardless of whether it is grassroots or large scale, is a juggling act. Many issues that you may deal with often can happen in the beginning. One of the first rules of event planning & management is to figure out why you are doing the event. When planning any event you must ask yourself a series of questions to determine if its something that people would want to come to. Listen to what people want, differentiate your event and stop doing exactly whatever everybody else is doing!!

A few things when creating an event you must take into consideration and I have broken down some of the main elements in that process:

First you conceptualize the event (define it) – what is the name of the event, what is your target audience, what’s the mission, where should you have it, when will the event be held, etc. When developing an event make sure you know why and for whom you are creating it. In this stage you will also need to define your sources of revenues (ticket sales, sponsorship, food & beverage, merchandise, etc) – because ultimately you want and need to make money.

After you create/define the event you must then budget it. You will need to be very detailed in order to accurately budget. This is very important, because you may find yourself out of business before you even get started. I would like to point out that even though the cash flow plays an important role, it is also important from a non-financial standpoint that the event becomes an annual event.

Finding a location is a critical part of the process. When selecting a site you need to do research to make sure the location you have chosen is the best for your event. Knowing the local marketplace and the community will only help guide you and in my opinion you should become part of that local scene.

Once the location is selected, comes the most challenging part, in my opinion of the event planning process – finding your sponsors. In most cases the sponsorship support is the very lively-hood and it can be very discouraging at times. I have learned not to take anything personally, because in the long run you are far more productive when staying focused and not letting the intimidation get to you. Finding sponsors is a sales process that is typically a lengthy one.

Once you have done all of the above and more, you will then have to promote it, produce it and basically MAKE-IT- HAPPEN! Many other things will come up along the way and issues will always arrive – that is the nature of events. My advice is to always stay calm and in any instance prepare to have some sort of contingency plan. Creating a list of issues that may happen in the pre-event planning process will help you be better prepared when something does occur.

In the end you must hire & staff the best team possible to make sure that everything is intact and you are ready to go. Essentially no event can run by itself and without the help of a great staff that is motivated to go the extra mile you may run into more problems than necessary. Keep your staff happy and focused on their priorities and this will only help you in producing a successful event.