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100 Skater Life Lessons

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We recently stumbled upon a new book called 100 Skater Life Lessons. It’s really funny, Pick up a copy here (paperback or ebook)


Hang it up and Go Green…

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Every once in a blue moon a really great innovative product hits the market. What I love so much about when this happens is the immediate feeling within me that says, “Why didn’t I think of that”? But rarely does a product hit that is practical, innovative and good for the environment.

That is why I was so intrigued when I found out about this new hangar project. I mean, what good can be said about hangars anways right? What can really be said about hangars at all? Most of us don’t think about them and there in lies the problem. Introducing the Green Hangar project from Australia (launching in the US now). After speaking with Jason Fishman (who’s overseeing the US distribution of the Green Hangars) I have had my eyes open. I found out there are tons of toxic chemicals and other harmful products within hangars that are very bad for the environment, yes – even wooden hangars.

Green Hangars also offers retailers a low cost solution to “go green” through using these inexpensive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly hangars… and if you’ve been paying attention to our blog at all you know that #36 from the 50 Ways to Promote your Business article was “Go Green”.

So there you have it. A great product, cost effective, good for the environment and if I don’t mind saying myself pretty damn cool. For more infomation on Green Hangars

Green Hangars

Green Hangars


Erik Ellington and Geoff Rowley Round One – GOSK8

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Man, these guys handle some serious business…

Magic/ Project part II

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If we’re in a recession, this past week in Vegas showed little visual signs of it…

Mountain Dew vs Claw

Mountain Dew vs Claw

Meaning that the floors were packed, retailers were writing orders, brands were throwing parties and so forth. I’ve been thinking how I can objectively write about the past Magic/Pool/SLATE/Project shows. To be honest, the energy within the show was so good that it’s hard to pinpoint any negative.

Vicarious By Nature- Magic

Vicarious By Nature (VBN)

I spent the majority my time walking around looking for brands with new and innovative products. I wanted to see solid creativity in the products and brand concepts. The most innovation I found was coming from the accessory market, mainly watches and sunglasses. I project the accessory market to continue to grow in our downed economy especially since they offer simple buys for consumers and great price points for retailers.

mickey avalon

mickey avalon

As always I walked the sea of brands looking to strike gold offering little more than a line of 10 t-shirts and a dream, or as I like to call it gambling… and what better place to do it than Vegas. But seriously, it always reveals to me the “survival of the fittest” concept. There are those companies that have their nuts and bolts in place and plenty of those that don’t. I saw a ton of great new brands popping up (VBN and HighFydelity ), I saw some re-branding and some branching out (Osiris lifestyle and Maui and Sons), tons of collaborations (Mountain Dew artist series) and others I saw playing the same lane that’s been working for them all along (Christian Audiger).



The shows did not disappoint and it was well worth the trip (especially since I didn’t lose any money gambling). See you at the next one…


Magic/Project Part I: Our top 2 picks

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The iMa team just got back from a quick 2-day Las Vegas trip to check out Magic and Project, but also to attend Erik Ellington’s Brigada party at the Hard Rock.

Good times as anybody could expect. The show was massive, with tons of up and coming brands, some innovative, too many bland.

What is happening to the fashion/accessory world? Brands, nowadays, have such a hard time to differentiate themselves from other companies and for most of them, they fail creating a character for their products. Magic showcased many brands that had no vibe, no energy, and ultimately no appeal to the consumer.

Among all of these up and coming brands, we saw a few of them that actually meant something and were sticking out of the clutter. To name a few, Flud Watches, Nooka, Atomic 9, Fully Laced and Capital.

Our top 2 pick? VBN and Spitfire.

– VBN: From the cuts and materials to the design of the products and the concept of the company, we loved the message Vicarious by Nature (VBN) was spreading at Project. Check out their site:

– Spitfire: We all agreed on that. This brand is sweet. They are a UK eyewear company that is launching in the US. They are bringing back many of the old school styles in their line and they also make fresh headphones.  Very neat design with a fun touch. This brand is to be watched! Check out their site:

~ CG

Made in America…

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Made in America - Movie

Made in America - Movie

Last week I rented Made in America, Stacy Peralta’s documentary about the history of Gangs in Los Angeles with focus on the Bloods and Crips. The film is shocking and I highly recommend everyone watches it and tells a friend. Gang violence has gone on for far too long not only in Los Angeles but all across America. As we all know it is the impoverished areas that are hit the hardest. These are the areas with extreme lack of Role models, Resources, Jobs, Programs, etc… I commend Stacy for exploring this area and showing the world that we need to pull together if we are every really going to make a change in these communities. Unfortunately every year new children are given guns and join gangs because they have no hope and are looking to latch onto anything that gives them a sense of belonging.

Again, please watch this film and get involved however you can.
Click here for more info


Go Sk8 iPhone app Launches Today!

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We love this app!!!

GO SK8 is now on iTunes for purchase! Check it out…

In the tradition of skateboarders playing the Game of Skate, now comes along GO SK8. GO SK8 takes the traditional game one push further including obstacles into the game. In addition to being able to play the game on Flat-ground, players/users are now given the option to compete on three obstacles including Manual Pads, Ledges and Transition (quarter pipe/mini-ramp). An added feature to the game is the ability to play in three different skill levels including basic, medium and advanced. The developers of GO SK8 have gone to great lengths to include a few hundred tricks in each category that are standard for each skill level but with enough difficulty to make any level on any obstacle challenging and fun.

Although by the very nature of skateboarding there is an infinite amount of variations of tricks and combos on numerous obstacles, GO SK8 was built with the intention of serving the skate community as an addition to the progression and culture.