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The recently established Telegraph Skateboards, brainchild to skateboard legend Brian Lotti (1st & Hope/ Free Pegasus) has inked a distribution partnership with Unified Skate Supply. Unified will serve as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor for all of Telegraph Skateboards needs over the length of the partnership.

The idea for Telegraph Skateboards to team with Unified is a strategic move on behalf of both parties. Lotti was looking for a distributor based in Los Angeles that would offer enough flexibility for maximum creativity, room for growth and like-mindedness in business ethics, mission and vision. Unified offered just that.

“This partnership makes a ton of sense for our brand. Unified is one of the few distributors located in Los Angeles, so we can develop a close working relationship with them. Marko is an active skateboarder, company owner and entrepreneur who is offering us a ton of support and potential on the business side. We want to do some fun stuff and steadily grow Telegraph as one of the core skateboard companies.” – B Lotti

Unified owner Marko J stated, ”We are stoked to be partners with Telegraph. We have all of the resources available to us to build and grow this great and unique brand. Both shops and kids are looking for something unique and very few brands are offering something different. Brian’s creative vision is new”

Telegraph will initially offer a line of decks, wheels, and shirts. There are plans to develop a full product offering of apparel and accessories by the end of the year. Unified will be fully stocked with the new Spring line of Telegraph products starting March 15th.

About Unified:
Unified Skate Supply was formed in 2009 by long time professional skateboarder and company owner Marko Jasbinsek (Sugar Skateboards /Goldstar Skateboards). Unified was created to serve as a distribution company for a small host of established brands. Unified has recently moved into a new warehouse space in Canoga Park housing all inventory, printing equipment and a hardy sales team.

For more information please visit:
Telegraph Skateboards:
Unified Skate Supply:

To schedule an interview or for more information on this topic please contact Tim Martinez – / 626.533.9099

What is the future of mobile marketing?

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In a previous post about mobile marketing, we shared with you our insights on a newly used technology offered by a tech company called Solid Media. The feedback we received about this product was actually very mixed. Some companies thought it was an amazing tool to create a deeper connection with its customers, while others remained skeptical about the extent to which this technology could go against consumers’ privacy (and so was I). But truly, which “new” technology hasn’t endangered our privacy?

Regardless, I was pleased to see that one company is doing the test. North Face. They are launching a mobile marketing campaign, where they will be sending informational texts to customers walking nearby their stores. The content of the messages will vary from discounted items in the store to weather alerts and outdoor sports news. You can find more information on

– CG

Haiti Gets Hit…

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Haiti suffers the worst earthquake in 200 years. Please watch the video and get involved however you can from donating to passing this video along…

GOSK8 Game #2 coming soon

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A little birdie told me recently that Rowley and Ellington are gearing up for round two of GOSK8. We’ll post the game here as soon as it hits the web, so stay tuned in the coming weeks! For more info visit

The Volcom Give Back Series Presents: Give Jeans A Chance

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Drop off any old jeans in wearable condition into the bin at your local participating store and be entered to win a year’s supply of Volcom Brand Jeans. All jeans donated will be distributed locally by The National Coalition For The Homeless. Visit for more information

We love a good cause. So should you…

“The New Faces of GOSK8”

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GOSK8 is proud to welcome onboard pro skateboarders Erik Ellington
(Deathwish skateboards) and Geoff Rowley (Flip skateboards) who will serve as the new face of the company.

GOSK8_EE-GR2GOSK8 is a new iPhone application/tool for physically playing the
traditional game of skate. The developers of GOSK8 have gone to great
lengths to spice the game up by adding three different skill levels (basic,
medium, advanced) and four obstacle options (ledge, manual, transition,
flat-ground), making it the only skate application of its kind.

Rowley – “GOSK8 takes the game of S.K.A.T.E. to the next level. There are so many options with the different levels and obstacles that anyone at any level can play it.”

Ellington – “When I first downloaded GOSK8 to my iPhone I didn’t expect it to be so sick. There are hundreds of tricks depending on what level and obstacle you choose. What I really liked most is that you can play by yourself or against another skater. This is no “sit on your ass” game. You actually have to get out there and skate with GOSK8.”

Geoff and Erik will be battling it out in a series of games using the GOSK8 app. Stay tuned for videos hitting the web soon.

For more information on GOSK8 visit

The Bikini Top That Pops Tops

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BBBC_front(Manhattan Beach CA, Sept 2009) Bottle Betty, a brave new, bold and innovative brand steps into the swimwear arena with a big business idea combining style, sex, fun and utility.

The bright idea struck while Bottle Betty owners were having cocktails in their hometown of Valencia, a hot desert region just outside of Los Angeles county, an area no stranger to popping bottle tops from the dusty dunes to backyard pools and rivers.

Bottle Betty in its purest form is a swimsuit with a built-in bottle opener usually between the breasts cups or for those who prefer to go topless Bottle Betty has them covered with bottle openers installed on the hip with certain models.

“Our Bottle Betty product is meant to be fun from both ends. Men find the product sexy and inviting and women find the product useful, stylish and a great conversation starter. “ – Michelle Sommers , co-owner of Bottle Betty

For the past few decades product innovation within the swimwear industry has generally been defined by designs or materials, however, real innovation has not been present for many years until now.

Jennifer Kinney, co-owner of Bottle Betty stated, ”Our research shows the only thing new in decades within the swimwear industry has been from design or fabrics. In today’s economy Bottle Betty gives the consumer a new spin on swimwear that will entice them to spend their precious dollar on a new suit. Bottle Betty offers the latest in design, style and prints, competitive price points and the convenience of a built-in bottle opener. We believe that women of all ages will get a kick out of surprising their friends with this one of a kind suit!”

Although Bottle Betty is new to the market, the team behind the innovation has been working on fine-tuning the products to battle against wear, tear, breakage and weathering for over a year. The final product resulting in a heat resistant, lead and nickel free bottle opener guaranteed against rust and ready for maximum top popping.

On top of looking to increase their brand distribution, Bottle Betty owns the exclusive rights to license the patented (patent pending) bikini with a built-in bottle opener.

Bottle Betty will be showcasing their new line of swimwear including Bikinis and one piece suits all equipped with stylish, innovative bottle openers. The Brand launch will take place at the upcoming September 2009 ASR Tradeshow in San Diego at Booth #717.

For more information on Bottle Betty please contact:
Jennifer Kinney
(661) 312-7252