A look back to the Olympics

Growing up in Europe, watching the Olympics has always been a tradition. We could watch sports that were never broadcasted on TV, and even if we had no idea what these sports were all about, we would all stand behind our country’s team and cheer for them. I loved it!

Well, this year was no different. I looked at the schedule a week before the beginning of the Games and was stoked to know that there was no time difference, so no worries about missing something. I was ready to cheer for all my friends participating in the Olympics. But it ended up being more of a frustration than an enjoyment. As all of you probably noticed, there was barely any event shown live, and when NBC started to show the Olympics, at like 7pm I think, all the events were being mixed up, not giving me a chance to see one event in its entirety. And just when you think you could count on the Internet to follow the events live, well, no luck there either, all websites showing the Olympics Live were not working.

Of course, this problem comes back to NBC making its $200 million investment back. Yes, $200 million. When you see this number you can’t even imagine how much a network would charge its advertisers for this 2-week period. So basically, that was the only solution for them: previously record the events and show them later with the usual 5-minute commercial break every 20 minutes. What is even more frustrating to me is to see that ratings went up 17% since the Torino Games. And we are talking about ratings of viewership of events where we already knew who won.

If you’re like me, and got frustrated for not being able to see you relatives/friends, etc. competing Live, here is an interesting article I just read this morning. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to change for the next games!

– CG


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