Winter Olympics

We are 5 days deep into the Olympic games and one of my favorite events I’m excited to watch in the next couple days is the very anticipated snowboard half pipe competition. The Olympics officially included snowboarding in the 1998 Nagano Games. Even if at the time this decision was highly criticized, a lot of good things came out from it. Snowboarding has changed and whether we want it or not, it became much more commercialized than 12 years ago and not because of the Olympics but because of different factors such as an increase in popularity among the general public, endemic brands marketing towards the masses, non-endemic brands using action sports as a cool way to market towards the youth market. My point is that the Olympics put the limelight on the riders worldwide rather than exploit the sport to sell more deodorant or playstation.

Recently, several of the articles I have read about Snowboarding and the Olympics have mentioned how many injuries are suffered in the sport. It is not surprising when you now see these young riders push their limits to do doubles and go even higher than skiers, in order to win the Gold. The sport became one of the most popular ones at the Olympics. It is now the chance for young snowboarders to get their name out there like Shaun White did it in 2006 (and even before that).

This year, the winter Olympics are sure not to disappoint. From the comfort of my home, I anticipate to see these riders do what has never been done before. The doubles seem to have become king in the past 3 months, but watch out for more craziness…

Set your T.V.’s….
Schedule for the Men’s Halfpipe:
February 17, 2010

1:05pm (PST) – Men’s Halfpipe Qualification
5:15pm (PST) – Men’s Halfpipe Semifinals
Medal Event
7:15pm (PST) – Men’s Halfpipe Finals

Schedule for the Women’s Halfpipe
February 18, 2010

12:30pm (PST) – Ladies’ Halfpipe Qualification
4:00pm (PST) – Ladies’ Halfpipe Semifinals
Medal Event
Scheduled 18:00 – Ladies’ Halfpipe Finals


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