Instant Gratification: An International Polaroid Celebration

When I was a kid there was this camera, which I thought was a magic camera, that took pictures which allowed you instantly to see and hold. Well, not exactly see instantly, technically you could hold it, but the picture was more of a blob, but then a minute later you have the picture right in your hand. You didn’t have to drop off the film and wait a week later to pick up the photos.

The Polaroid camera has to be one of the coolest gadgets, in my opinion. A few years ago, I had bought myself this iconic Polaroid camera and in all honestly I had no idea they were still around, so I was so stoked and felt like a kid again. When I found that Polaroid was getting out of the Polaroid business the very same business that made them popular, I was bummed.

Over the past decade digital cameras have grown in popularity and have become a household item. These days you can also take pictures on your digital camera & cell phone, but then you have to upload them and then how many of us actually take the time to print them out.

Well, for those of you like me that still love and appreciate the “instant gratification” of Polaroid film, then you’re in luck. This Saturday January 9th, 2010; ISM: a community project is celebrating instant film and the Polaroid 600 Series with a special, one night only, gallery exhibition + limited edition book featuring over 200 professional and amateur photographers from around the world.

The event will be held from 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. @ Bergamot Station, Copro Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404. The special event will be accompanied by live musical performances with The Fling, Sam Outlaw and The Romany Rye.

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