Welcome to 2010…

Over this past Holiday I spent my down time (which seemed to last forever) reading tons of articles both print and online about the future of business/marketing in various sectors from healthcare to small business, etc. There was one point where I said out loud to myself “everything has changed”. Looking at companies like Hulu and Twitter, it’s easy to see that new models of business are being created before our eyes and yet it’s hard (if not impossible) to see the what the future will hold for those businesses or any other for that matter.

We are entering the dawn of big businesses needing to find ways to increase sustainability and social responsibility. We are seeing humans take online social interaction to new levels and the technological age seems to be in full swing. Add to the mix the global financial crisis and it is plain to see that things are not only changing, but that they need to change fast.

To tie it all together, what does this mean for your business moving forward? One thing is for sure… nothing will ever be the same and you need to remain elastic enough to adjust to the certain changes that lay ahead. Not only is it important to be able to roll with the punches, but I’d suggest getting out there and throwing a few punches of your own, because the only way to change the world is to get out there and change the world.



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