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Merry Christmas/Happy New Years!!!

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From all of us at iMa have a happy relaxed and safe Holidays! See you in the next decade.


Creative Inspiration

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Simply wanted to kick this week off with a little creative inspiration…


The Volcom Give Back Series Presents: Give Jeans A Chance

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Drop off any old jeans in wearable condition into the bin at your local participating store and be entered to win a year’s supply of Volcom Brand Jeans. All jeans donated will be distributed locally by The National Coalition For The Homeless. Visit for more information

We love a good cause. So should you…

Hey, Can I Come In…?

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The action sports industry is an industry built upon a lifestyle. Plain and simple. But what is a lifestyle? By definition it’s the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

I think we could pretty much segment any board sport and get a pretty clear picture of the lifestyle. Surfers for example – habits? Surf all day. Attitudes? If it doesn’t have to do with surfing, I don’t care. Tastes? Tacos anyone (j/k)… You get my point though.

This guy does not skate...!

The lifestyles of the core practitioners are simply the complete immersion of their activity and anything that has to do with it. Repeat the last part of that sentence, “anything that has to do with it (their activity)”. For example music, videos, apparel, brands, Pros, websites, magazines and so forth.

It is because of this fact that non-endemic brands looking to enter into the industry must do so with an authentic approach. The lifestyle is there, the activity is there, the likes and dislikes are there, tastes, attitudes, habits and so forth are all there to learn from. So why do big brands barge in unannounced, unsympathetic and disconnected? Most big companies don’t do their research and are too focused on increasing market share that they overlook the most basic component of building relationships, which is interaction.

Ask yourself these questions before stepping foot into the world of action sports – what would this target group (skate, surf, snow, etc) like to see from my companies involvement, how do I open up that dialogue and how to I effectively and authentically fill that need?

If you can answer those questions, I’ll be seeing you on the inside in no time. Just don’t forget to knock.

This one takes the cake…


100 Skater Life Lessons

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We recently stumbled upon a new book called 100 Skater Life Lessons. It’s really funny, Pick up a copy here (paperback or ebook)

Social Communication…

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This past four day weekend I spent a lot of my downtime researching tons of various social media sites. I even learned a few new tricks on old sites. I really wanted to fully immerse myself into the world of Social Networking just like the masses out there using these networks daily. My problem is that I see everything from a Marketing point of view, so I had to shed that and jump in head first as a Regular guy.

I started a few new accounts with various networks such as Ustream and Tumblr. I jumped in on chat rooms, listened to internet radio, twitted, blogged, added friends and even started a group. Funny enough though, i didn’t take one look at Myspace (go figure). I had a great time.

There was a moment where I was truly integrated into a virtual community – Saturday night, listening to BeatMinerz radio and chatting with old skool hip hoppers about current tracks, old tracks, artists, music, etc all while listening to the mixing of Evil D in NY at 4am (their time).

I then finished things up with a nice long chat about social media’s place in our current society with the wonderful interns at our office on Monday morning.

So what have I taken with me?
Humans have a need for personal interaction, whether physical, emotional, for camaraderie, etc even if it is via AIM or Skype. People have a voice and they want to be heard, even if they are speaking through 140 characters on Twitter. What social networks allow humans is an extra form of communication, one that has never existed in mankind before. We’re at the cusp.

How does this apply to marketing? Everyone is their own media outlet, your brand included. Social Media is more than a new language, rather a new form communication. A form that you need to learn to use immediately.

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