A Whole New World…

This past weekend I was talking to a good friend of mine who is reviving a skate company that had been around in the early 2000’s but folded due to normal business circumstances – undercapitalization, lack of resources, increasing competition, etc. I had always liked the brand and I know most people did as well. So when I heard it was coming back I was immediately stoked.

I then asked my friend the million dollar question (in my mind at least), which was, “what are you guys going to be doing for marketing”? He then proceed to tell me that they were going to sponsor a few pros and run a few ads, that was it. Now… working in the skate industry for many years I do understand the importance of pros and print ads. However, I do believe we are entering a new dawn where there are numerous ways to increase a brands presence outside of Print and Pro’s.

It should be noted that this is the exact same strategy that the brand used up until they closed for business close to ten years ago. Does that strategy still work? Will it work again? Are they looking for different results? I think of it like this… the core consumer ten years ago is now in their 20’s and may or may not still be skateboarding. Their new consumer is online and on their phones all day long. Being proactive online is not even an option. It’s also very inexpensive and often free. My suggestion is to build and maintain their online properties first and foremost. Here is a really good article I found on the New York Times about marketing a small business on Facebook.

Here is a bit of outlook… as I write this blog I have my screen split in half with Sesame Street playing on one side and this blog post on the other, 10 seconds ago I was checking twitter updates on my iPhone and yesterday I watched a new skate video that was recently released only online and I am not anywhere near as savvy as the tween market when it comes to the wonderful world of web.

Print and Pros are important yes, and they always will be in this industry, but the times they are a changin’, is your marketing approach changing as well?



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