The Time Has Always Been Now…

When it comes to marketing the time to get started is now (or yesterday depending upon your level of sarcasm). At this time of year most companies are putting the lid on their marketing dollars for the next 12 months. I am often so surprised to see where those dollars go and why? Usually the answer is if its worked in the past, it should work in the future. For some brands the past may be 20, 30, 40 years. I’m sure no one needs to be reminded of the fact that we’re entering into an entirely new day in age where digital reigns supreme. The smart phone keeps getting smarter and we are relying more and more upon it. Anyone that disagrees is living in denial (opinion).

A question I have for you brands out there is – how has your marketing budget grown or shifted to incorporate increasing your presence in the digital space? For many companies out there having a website and a Facebook fan page is about as much time and effort goes into their online marketing. It’s a start but far too little.

I’d venture to say the number one reason few brands dump big dollars into marketing on the digital platforms is because they’re unfamiliar/uneducated on how to go about it, what types of results they should expect, what kinds of budgets should be spent, how to facilitate it and much much more, am I right? Even if this is true, it’s still no excuse not to be pioneering what we all know will be the new frontier in marketing.

Its like the story of the Two Peach Rule – Once a kid discovered a tree in his town that gave the best peaches, but there was only one tree in the town. So the community said every household can only get 2 peaches per week. This way everyone could have some. But the people were industrious and they took the seeds and started planting more and more trees and eventually there was an abundance of peach trees, yet the two peach rule still applied. The children asked why can’t we have more peaches? Peaches are rotting and we’re still only allowed 2 peaches per household per week. The Parents said, “because this is the way is has been for many years”.

My point is start plucking, there’s an abundance out there…



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