Tony Hawk…

A few days ago a good friend of mine called me and said that Tony Hawk had just stopped at his local skatepark. It was on one of Tony’s Underground tours. Apparently Tony is Twitting now and he’ll randomly stop at skateparks and announce it via twitter, which is awesome by the way.

Now, my friend is 32 years old and he called from Missouri where Tony had popped in with the Birdhouse team for a Guerilla demo and my buddy was as happy and stoked as a 10 year old. He proceeded to give me the full run down of every trick that Tony and the crew threw down, but he mostly talked about how Tony demolished the place. It was rad to hear a true skool street tech ledge skater of 90’s upbringing rant and rave about Tony Hawk.

Granted we were both Huge Tony Hawk fans in the 80’s (Animal Chin days). Then it hit me, man… 20 years later Tony is still killing it and i’m still stoked. We’re all still stoked.

A day later I watched the Flip Extremely Sorry video and one of my favorite parts belonged to none other than Lance Mountain. Then I realized McGill’s still ripping and we all know Cab doesn’t let up.
I’d like to take my hat off first to Tony for putting together a truly unique and authentic event. Secondly to the OG Bones Brigade Team keep up the good work, we’re still here and we’re still fans!



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