I’ve been thinking about this all weekend and I just had to get it out. I recently read an article on Christian Audigier in LA Magazine (article posted a few months back). First off let me say the guy is a marketing guru (there, I said it). There was a reference in the article that says, “what Christian does is imbue a $6 t-shirt with $98 worth of desire”.

That got me thinking – it is all about desire. True, other factors are important such as quality, durable materials, fresh design, innovation, etc, however without desire you simply have a product sitting on a shelf. So what is desire if nothing more than a longing for something that you perceive will bring satisfaction or enjoyment. I’m sure we’ve all bought something we’ve desired only to forget about the item in a few weeks/months. That goes to show how desire can drive someone to simply on impulse and want.

I am often approached by start-up brands for guidance and direction. I always start by asking who “wants” your products? You can’t bend someone’s arm backwards to buy your products, not the distributor, not the retailers and definitely not the consumer. The job of the brand is to inject desire into the products through their marketing efforts. Case in point… I just found out that if I drink Vitamin Water I’ll look like 50 cent!



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