The Cool Factor…

A friend of mine made a comment the other day that has been resonating with me since. He said “people will go out of their way to be cool. If they perceive something as being cool they will spend money on whatever it is. They will even go as far as to waste and lose money on being cool”.

The next day I was having coffee with a different friend and he said something similar. He said, “People will make themselves look ridiculous for the sake of being cool.”

Granted these are two very opinionated people and the context of each conversation was more in-depth than I have explained here, however the point from both ends was that “Cool” is very important to people. Cool is so important that people will go to great lengths to acquire what their perception of cool is. I have been guilty of this in the past, I mean who remembers the Baggy pants of ’92? I’m also guilty of spending $10 on a beer at a “cool” club when I could have went to the local dive and bought that same drink for $3…

Searching for Cool isn’t something new. In my opinion the desire to be cool comes from the need to belong while at the same time differentiate.

As a brand you need to understand the consumers desire to be cool and tap into that. My question for you is how do you factor “Cool” into your marketing strategies?



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