Hang it up and Go Green…

Every once in a blue moon a really great innovative product hits the market. What I love so much about when this happens is the immediate feeling within me that says, “Why didn’t I think of that”? But rarely does a product hit that is practical, innovative and good for the environment.

That is why I was so intrigued when I found out about this new hangar project. I mean, what good can be said about hangars anways right? What can really be said about hangars at all? Most of us don’t think about them and there in lies the problem. Introducing the Green Hangar project from Australia (launching in the US now). After speaking with Jason Fishman (who’s overseeing the US distribution of the Green Hangars) I have had my eyes open. I found out there are tons of toxic chemicals and other harmful products within hangars that are very bad for the environment, yes – even wooden hangars.

Green Hangars also offers retailers a low cost solution to “go green” through using these inexpensive, biodegradable and environmentally friendly hangars… and if you’ve been paying attention to our blog at all you know that #36 from the 50 Ways to Promote your Business article was “Go Green”.

So there you have it. A great product, cost effective, good for the environment and if I don’t mind saying myself pretty damn cool. For more infomation on Green Hangars http://www.greenhanger.com.au/

Green Hangars

Green Hangars



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