The Beauty of Passion

When I was reading the SurfersVillage newsletter this morning, I bumped into this article, that I thought was worth sharing.

bertish-boardThe article talks about big-wave surfer Chris Bertish launching a website to help raise funds so he could travel to compete in 3 Big Wave events he has been invited to. A couple things I wanted to comment on:

1. The industry really hasn’t been able to fully support some of the pro surfers out there. I know a lot of professional action sports athletes that are struggling right now, but they manage to get enough financial support from their sponsors to be able to afford travel expenses to participate in contests. Chris explains the reasons for such issue, in his case being from South Africa.

2. What I actually really liked in this story is that, despite the struggle Chris is going through, he has not given up on his passion, he has created opportunities for himself to be able to go through this hard time. He built a website to help him raise sponsorship money. He is proactive in the social media world with a facebook page and a twitter account as well as a blog that he uses to update his fans with news and content. His website has anything from pics and videos to a link to his blog, and benefits to be his sponsor. He is also organizing a fundraiser in South Africa with tons of great auction items.

I say way to go! I admire these athletes who are fighting for their passion in a smart way, building awareness for their “brand” and working hard to be able to live off their passion.

Check out his website:



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