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Tony Hawk…

Posted in Inspirational with tags , , , on October 29, 2009 by Artform

A few days ago a good friend of mine called me and said that Tony Hawk had just stopped at his local skatepark. It was on one of Tony’s Underground tours. Apparently Tony is Twitting now and he’ll randomly stop at skateparks and announce it via twitter, which is awesome by the way.

Now, my friend is 32 years old and he called from Missouri where Tony had popped in with the Birdhouse team for a Guerilla demo and my buddy was as happy and stoked as a 10 year old. He proceeded to give me the full run down of every trick that Tony and the crew threw down, but he mostly talked about how Tony demolished the place. It was rad to hear a true skool street tech ledge skater of 90’s upbringing rant and rave about Tony Hawk.

Granted we were both Huge Tony Hawk fans in the 80’s (Animal Chin days). Then it hit me, man… 20 years later Tony is still killing it and i’m still stoked. We’re all still stoked.

A day later I watched the Flip Extremely Sorry video and one of my favorite parts belonged to none other than Lance Mountain. Then I realized McGill’s still ripping and we all know Cab doesn’t let up.
I’d like to take my hat off first to Tony for putting together a truly unique and authentic event. Secondly to the OG Bones Brigade Team keep up the good work, we’re still here and we’re still fans!




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I’ve been thinking about this all weekend and I just had to get it out. I recently read an article on Christian Audigier in LA Magazine (article posted a few months back). First off let me say the guy is a marketing guru (there, I said it). There was a reference in the article that says, “what Christian does is imbue a $6 t-shirt with $98 worth of desire”.

That got me thinking – it is all about desire. True, other factors are important such as quality, durable materials, fresh design, innovation, etc, however without desire you simply have a product sitting on a shelf. So what is desire if nothing more than a longing for something that you perceive will bring satisfaction or enjoyment. I’m sure we’ve all bought something we’ve desired only to forget about the item in a few weeks/months. That goes to show how desire can drive someone to simply on impulse and want.

I am often approached by start-up brands for guidance and direction. I always start by asking who “wants” your products? You can’t bend someone’s arm backwards to buy your products, not the distributor, not the retailers and definitely not the consumer. The job of the brand is to inject desire into the products through their marketing efforts. Case in point… I just found out that if I drink Vitamin Water I’ll look like 50 cent!


True Mobile Marketing

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Our phone has become more than our daily companion. What started with the IPhone and Apple’s App Store has transformed the way we access information as an always-on consumer item. On top of that, it has created a new marketing opportunity for companies to introduce their own applications and engage consumers wherever they are now.

Now let me tell you about a technology that will work hand-in-hand with your phone and will increase marketability even further.

Untitled3The technology I am talking about is offered by SolidMedia Inc. and is no bigger than a home base DSL Router. Installed in a retail environment, at an event or within a trade show, it will establish contact with a consumer’s phone as soon as they steps foot into the store. If the consumer chooses to activate (opt-in) the feature on their phone, they’ll have access to everything the location (event, trade show, retailer) wants them to know: individually matched products, special offers, raffles, special services for mobile users, promotions, downloadable mp3’s … You name it, the possibilities are endless. In today’s world of applications, this technology can add significant value to reach customers and learn as much as possible about their spending habits through various tracking methods offered through SolidMedia.

Additionally, the technology called will keep track of each consumer as they walk through the store, logging in every step so the retailer knows exactly where and in front of which product the consumer spends his time in the store and so forth. The node can also be used to direct a consumer to a special in-store offer or suggest products while walking through an isle.

SolidMedia’s Node presents an exciting marketing opportunity for brands, retailers and other businesses. The technology is not competing with phones or applications, it will simply add a new way to engage the customer, who is always on their phone anyways.

GOSK8 Video Contest

Posted in Event with tags on October 15, 2009 by Artform

It’s time for you to grab your iPhone, video camera, and friends and get off the couch and onto the streets. You’ve already seen Erik Ellington and Geoff Rowley Battle it out in a game of GOSK8 now its time to show us what you got. Upload a video of you playing GOSK8 solo or with your friends, send us the link, and get a chance to win some sick prizes from Flip.

1st Place – Flip deck, t-shirt and stickers
2nd Place – Flip deck
3rd Place – Flip t-shirt, and stickers

All three videos will also be placed on our website.

Terms and Condition
Many will enter and compete in the contest, but there can only be three winners. Judging will be based on trick/level difficulty and video production/presentation, so bring your best.

All entrants must have the GOSK8 iPhone application, which is available on iTunes and submitted videos must show the trick on your iPhone before the trick is attempted.

Contest begins October 15th and ends November 15th 2009.

Footage MUST be continuous and videos need to be uploaded to youtube with the link sent to the email.

Emails must be sent via a valid address with contestants shipping/mailing address included in the email.

The Cool Factor…

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A friend of mine made a comment the other day that has been resonating with me since. He said “people will go out of their way to be cool. If they perceive something as being cool they will spend money on whatever it is. They will even go as far as to waste and lose money on being cool”.

The next day I was having coffee with a different friend and he said something similar. He said, “People will make themselves look ridiculous for the sake of being cool.”

Granted these are two very opinionated people and the context of each conversation was more in-depth than I have explained here, however the point from both ends was that “Cool” is very important to people. Cool is so important that people will go to great lengths to acquire what their perception of cool is. I have been guilty of this in the past, I mean who remembers the Baggy pants of ’92? I’m also guilty of spending $10 on a beer at a “cool” club when I could have went to the local dive and bought that same drink for $3…

Searching for Cool isn’t something new. In my opinion the desire to be cool comes from the need to belong while at the same time differentiate.

As a brand you need to understand the consumers desire to be cool and tap into that. My question for you is how do you factor “Cool” into your marketing strategies?


Creative Inspiration…

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What better way to kick off a Monday, than with a little creative inspiration… coming straight from the Ukraine nonetheless.


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Have we overlooked Demand? It seems that the action sports industry is ripe with Supply. I mean I can buy a skateboard at 7-11 now. I can go almost anywhere and buy a pair of boardshorts and everything resembles a skate shoe. There was a time when there were no skate shoes, there were just shoes or a time when skateboards were called 2×4’s. I believe those times were when demand was peaking for performance products.

This is why I feel pushing to create innovative product is very important, not just for the individual businesses but for the industry as a whole. For example, raise your hand if you can tell me were to buy a blank t-shirt. Exactly… (I assume everyone raised their hands). Now tell me where I can buy a tee woven in Bamboo, made with ethic labor laws and non-harmful to the environment. See my point? That is where we can start to build demand again – from a place of filling a need.

When thinking about whether or not there is a demand for your products, ask yourself this question- Can someone buy the same product somewhere else for a comparable price or cheaper? If the answer is yes, then you better know where the demand for your goods is coming from.