50 Ways to Promote Your Business – Seminar Notes

“50 Ways to Promote your Business” Seminar Notes

Thanks to everyone that came out to the seminar. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Now get out there and start promoting your business!


Word of Mouth
1. Talk about your business to EVERYONE at all times. Spread Your own word of Mouth
2. Ask others to spread the Word Of Mouth for you

3. Start a Shop Team – flow, A team/ B team / Pro Team
4. Sponsor a Local band/DJ
5. Sponsor a Local Little League
6. Sponsor a local Artist
7. Let others get involved. If kids or locals express interest in being involved, let them be.

8. Advertise in the Local Paper – The print industry is hurting meaning it’s a good time to buy space.
9. Run Banner ads on local blogs
10. Hit the street with Flyers – high traffic areas, schools, skate parks, etc

11. Host in-store events – Artshow, themed day, Art contests
12. Have a BBQ
13. Movie Premiere – work in conjunction with vendors to host a video premiere
14. Community-based events: bring your skate/snow/surf community together to celebrate certain days such as the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Easter, Arbor Day, Groundhog Day, etc…
15. Skate/Snow/Surf Contests: Host contests at the local skatepark where you give away schwag and branded products
16. Autograph Signings – If there is a tour going on, make sure it stops by your store
17. Fundraiser for local nonprofit
18. In-store Music Friday’s – local band / Dj
19. Anniversary party

20. Write a Blog (News, Photos, Videos) – Start a blog, enhance your blog, promote your blog, build hype around new products, etc.
21. Podcast – Webcast, Vlogs
22. Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube – start a page, interlink your pages
23. Newsletter – have fun with it (constant contact)
24. Link exchange with vendors and local sites/blogs
25. Allow others to contribute to your blog – high level influencers, guest articles, local bloggers, etc.

26. Produce a video each week, month, year with your team
27. Film a Commercial for the store with employees and team to be spread to all online platforms
28. Sell your videos online or give them away as quick time file downloads

Branded Products
29. Produce and sell branded products for your store: boards, tees, hats, etc
30. Talk to your accounts to try to create co-branded products with them. Brands love it and so do your customers
31. Allow local designers/artists design clothes for your store – t designs, hat designs, stickers, etc…
32. Co-brand with your local schools
33. Be consistent with all of your creative – logos, color ways, product designs, store name, concepts, etc…

Community involvement
34. Start a skate park
35. Start a Skate/Surf/Snow Club
36. GO GREEN – trash pick up day

Fusion Marketing
37. Cross Promotional opportunities with local businesses (restaurants) aka the XYZ shop slice (ie Dopierre’s hot sauce)

38. Use any event you are involved in to generate and distribute press releases to local publications. It¹s not just the kids that shop at the store, the parents too! – local event listings, action sports calendars via media channels

Branded Shopping experience
39. Atmosphere – the right music, vibe, energy
40. Window displays – something unique to your store (rotate employees to design them, allow locals to design them, etc)
41. Excellent customer service – exclusive only to your business helpful, informative, etc
42. Have a store mascot
43. Employee uniforms – something cool and specific

Consumer Focused
44. Comments Box – allow customers/employees/vendors to comment, air out complaints, give praise, ask questions, make requests, etc
45. Customer Incentive programs – bring a friend in get 20%
46. Punch Cards
47. Discounts/ Coupons
48. Side Walk Sales
49. Loyalty programs – rewards cards, VIP member cards, etc…

50. Create a marketing plan and budget for the year – nobody plans to fail, they just fail to plan


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  2. […] and if you’ve been paying attention to our blog at all you know that #36 from the 50 Ways to Promote your Business article was “Go […]

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