Let Them Come To You…

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who works heavily in the music business. We were talking about how I come to discover new artists.

My process usually consists of either hearing a new song on the radio (usually indie stations) or reading an artist/album review or interview in any of the numerous mags I have on rotation. Once I am initially introduced, I go straight to their Myspace and Youtube page to hear songs and if anything is jumping out at me, I’ll visit their iTunes page and buy a song/album. From that point I like to keep my eyes/ears open for news from them – a new interview, new music video, a tour/show coming to town, etc… Lastly, I might even join their group through facebook and/or follow them on twitter.

After the conversation I realized that this is my process for everything I find interesting. It could range from a new movie, product, car or even Brand. With the ease and use of the internet, finding information about virtually anything is extremely accessible. If you are interested in something, most likely you will hop on google and find it. No matter where it is, you will go to it.

If you have a customer who is interested in your Brand, they have most likely already googled you and visited your social networking sites. Remember, the new tech savvy consumer is looking for engagement and a reason to stay connected with your Brand online. Your job as the Brand is to create the perfect online environment for them to come to, hang out at, create dialogue, find information and eventually bring their friends.

We talk a lot about going to your consumer, finding them and engaging them. However, just like my example above with discovering new music, there is a moment where your consumer goes looking for you. The goal is to let them come and let them like what they find.



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