Magic/ Project part II

If we’re in a recession, this past week in Vegas showed little visual signs of it…

Mountain Dew vs Claw

Mountain Dew vs Claw

Meaning that the floors were packed, retailers were writing orders, brands were throwing parties and so forth. I’ve been thinking how I can objectively write about the past Magic/Pool/SLATE/Project shows. To be honest, the energy within the show was so good that it’s hard to pinpoint any negative.

Vicarious By Nature- Magic

Vicarious By Nature (VBN)

I spent the majority my time walking around looking for brands with new and innovative products. I wanted to see solid creativity in the products and brand concepts. The most innovation I found was coming from the accessory market, mainly watches and sunglasses. I project the accessory market to continue to grow in our downed economy especially since they offer simple buys for consumers and great price points for retailers.

mickey avalon

mickey avalon

As always I walked the sea of brands looking to strike gold offering little more than a line of 10 t-shirts and a dream, or as I like to call it gambling… and what better place to do it than Vegas. But seriously, it always reveals to me the “survival of the fittest” concept. There are those companies that have their nuts and bolts in place and plenty of those that don’t. I saw a ton of great new brands popping up (VBN and HighFydelity ), I saw some re-branding and some branching out (Osiris lifestyle and Maui and Sons), tons of collaborations (Mountain Dew artist series) and others I saw playing the same lane that’s been working for them all along (Christian Audiger).



The shows did not disappoint and it was well worth the trip (especially since I didn’t lose any money gambling). See you at the next one…



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