Simple, fun and worthy

If you have met us, you already know what we believe in and what we stand for.

Grassroots community events are one of our favorite marketing initiatives to build a strong connection between the target market and a brand. Of course, there are rules to be followed to make grassroots events a successful part of your marketing campaign, one of them being consistency.

Here is an example. Sunday, my team and I went to check out an afternoon party over at the Burton store on Melrose. They made these afternoons a monthly gathering over the summer time. IMG_0943

If you have a store and are looking into building loyalty among your customers, this is exactly what I have been talking about to our clients that have flagship stores or wish to activate at the retail level. And you can create these events with very low budgets.

Granted the Burton store has a large space including a parking lot and a nice spine. They were able to add a flat bar and a fun box on location. Skateboarders were all over the place rippin’ it and having a blast from 4pm to 8pm. IMG_0947Burton added just a few things to make the party an even better time. Free burgers, hot dogs, beers and water were available and they were playing some skate videos out of a trailer on the parking lot. To keep everybody pumped up on this hot afternoon, DJ Instro-mental of Good Sound


was playing a wide range of old skool joints to hipster jams and beyond, keeping the ladies smiling and the skaters schralping.

What else? That’s it. Simple, fun, worthy. Give your market what they want and they’ll be stoked. 100% guaranteed. And that’s where Burton kills it.


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