Magic/Project Part I: Our top 2 picks

The iMa team just got back from a quick 2-day Las Vegas trip to check out Magic and Project, but also to attend Erik Ellington’s Brigada party at the Hard Rock.

Good times as anybody could expect. The show was massive, with tons of up and coming brands, some innovative, too many bland.

What is happening to the fashion/accessory world? Brands, nowadays, have such a hard time to differentiate themselves from other companies and for most of them, they fail creating a character for their products. Magic showcased many brands that had no vibe, no energy, and ultimately no appeal to the consumer.

Among all of these up and coming brands, we saw a few of them that actually meant something and were sticking out of the clutter. To name a few, Flud Watches, Nooka, Atomic 9, Fully Laced and Capital.

Our top 2 pick? VBN and Spitfire.

– VBN: From the cuts and materials to the design of the products and the concept of the company, we loved the message Vicarious by Nature (VBN) was spreading at Project. Check out their site:

– Spitfire: We all agreed on that. This brand is sweet. They are a UK eyewear company that is launching in the US. They are bringing back many of the old school styles in their line and they also make fresh headphones.  Very neat design with a fun touch. This brand is to be watched! Check out their site:

~ CG


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