Hypothetically Speaking…

If you were going to start a brand and you were given $100k as a marketing budget, but, you could only either spend the money on a team or on print advertising what would you do and why?

This was a hypothetical question we were kicking around the office the other day. One of us said Print ads the other said Team. Each making valid points.

Luckily we don’t have to face those decisions on a daily basis (some of us should be so luck to have 100K for anything). However, sometimes marketing decisions can be tough and one sided, because at the end of the day someone needs to pull the trigger.

In short here is the basis for each argument:
Print Ads – They reach a huge audience, add authenticity and awareness for a brand and often times are a deciding factor for retailers. Ads show that you’re serious about your brand.

Team – There are tons of ways to utilize and leverage the power of influence that the right team can offer. A team lends its status to increase the equity of a brand through positive association. Team riders are in the field – taking photos, shooting videos, signing autographs, competing in contests, etc. The right team can offer a lot of value across an entire platform of marketing initiatives.

Regardless of where your marketing dollars are spent, a well thought out plan that can leverage initiatives against each other will definitely help in keeping your brand in the forefront.



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