Twit Don’t Quit

The Honeymoon may soon be coming to close. Soon we’ll be looking at if we were driven out of love or impulse. I’m regarding to Twitter by the way.

It seems to me that the phenomenon known as Twitter which spread like wildfire (and is still blazing) has now become passe. When people start saying things like- “oh, you definitely need to be on twitter” or “Every business should have a twitter account”, you know that things have changed and they’ll never be the same. But, within a matter of 6 months I’ve been noticing people tell me things like – “yeah, I used to twit before it became trendy”, or “I just got bored with twitter”.

Regardless of it all, here’s my take on the current state of Twitter… For one, it gives you a widget to post on your Blog, Facebook and Myspace, which means that on 4 different platform (including twitter) you can make an instant update -even from your phone (for iPhone users). That is accessibility at its finest. Two, if you are looking to stay in constant contact with those you find an interest in and vice versa, Twitter is the place to do it. Lastly, if used properly, you can find a world of information on Twitter – fun, facts, insight, none sense, you name it!

So how does one, properly use Twitter? I’ll answer the question with a question… “What are you doing right now?”



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