How can your brand become a lifestyle?

If you ask me what brands became a lifestyle, I can’t help thinking of Urban Outfitters, Polaroid, Volcom, Nixon, Red Bull, Audi and of course Apple.

They are brands with meaning and that give you style, no matter how you use them. They are brands that offer you somewhat an experience and make you feel connected to your lifestyle through their use, whether you are driving, working, drinking, etc. They are your brands of choice. They won your heart and will have to do something pretty messed up for you to break up with them.

I’d step into an Urban Outfitters in a heartbeat solely because they understand what I am into. They always have gadgets that I will want because they are hilarious or cool, even though they might be worthless.

Polaroids? Well, it’s the coolest invention ever, and the best toy for immediate souvenirs.

Anyway, how do you become that brand?

Listen to what your people want, differentiate yourself and stop doing whatever everybody else is doing!!! Or do it differently. Engage your consumer, make him feel special. Be cool, but real cool. It’s not because you think you’re cool that everybody thinks that way. I have seen so many companies call us and be convinced they have the coolest product or idea, and yet it’s hard to tell them You know what? Your product sounds good but your packaging and everything that goes with it sucks! You need to get out of your bubble and look around!

Finally be there for your consumers. It sounds hard to do, but show them some love. Our generation and our market typically don’t like big companies, they like to feel close and connected. So figure out how it would work for your brand.



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