Bring It On…

If the 2000’s were responsible for anything, it was to give us a glimpse into the Digital Age. I’ll tell you, when 2000 started I had no clue I’d be turning in my pager for an iPhone.

We all know that last 12 months have been incredibly tough on a global scale. But I urge you to move into the next year not thinking of it as the “Next Year” but rather the “Next Decade”. I for one am so damn ready to move into 2010 it hurts. It’s safe to assume that this new decade will be filled with new technologies and rapid change, the likes that mankind has never witnessed before.

Some questions I have for your are:
How will this affect your marketing?
How much will digital play into your strategies in the future?
Which initiatives will become obsolete if any?
How will the new consumer interact with your brand?
What does your business plan look like for the next 1, 3, 5 years?
What are you doing now to ensure you’re staying on top of the change?

Moving forward, I urge you not to think that the traditional route is playing it safe. It’s now time to stay on your toes and think on your feet. The change is here, now and it’s happening daily. Your brand needs elasticity, insight and its finger on the pulse. Traditional models will be severely tested in the new decade. Remember, its a brave new world out there and we need to be brave new soldiers on the frontiers of our future success.

I say – Bring it on…



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