Are you experienced?

I drink a lot of coffee. I know caffeine is a drug, hence why I’m working my way over to green tea. But regardless of what I’m drinking, I’ll probably still end up at the local Starbucks.

Although, I recently moved to a new town and I discovered a great local coffee shop. The problem is, this new coffee shop is right across the street from Starbucks. Now I know what you’re gonna say and I’ll say it with you, “Support your local business”. Yes, this is very important. But, the other day, for NO good reasons I opted to go to Starbucks.

In comparison, the Starbucks had a great big lounge, a sit up bar, ample tables, plenty of parking and a cool outside area. The local coffee shop is kinda small, cluttered, cramped and offers no parking. They do however have free internet which can be a deciding factor.

Now, I drink Americanos, that’s how I get down. I’m a bit of a coffee snob (I had a stint owning a mobile espresso biz years ago). There are some places can that can pour one just right and the local coffee shop has the formula. Starbucks on the other hand has no clue or care, and why should they, they’re pouring thousands a day.

The question is this, if the local coffee shop makes a better coffee at a competitive rate, why wouldn’t I go there? The answer is simple, I’m really not buying coffee, I’m buying experience. Through years of going to Starbucks I’ve become accustomed to my coffee experience being the same every time. It’s like going to McDonalds. You know what the food taste like, how much it costs, what colors are on the walls, how the seats feel, hell, you probably know what the tiles in the bathroom look like. It’s got little to do with quality rather convenience. Remember that we are creatures of habit and habits are hard to break.

My question for you then is this – are you selling a product(s) or an experience? My answer is that you’re selling an experience whether you know it or not. Your job is to figure out what kind of experience you’re selling.



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