What is marketing nowadays?

Yes, we provide marketing services to both action sports and non-endemic companies that wish to get their foot in the door. Marketing is broad and people outside of the industry often don’t understand what we exactly do. They expect us to specialize in one thing. But what does Marketing exactly mean nowadays? We are being provided with so many different platforms to work from that it became hard to just specialize in one thing. What matters more than ever before are the understanding of the market you are tapping into, how to leverage each platform to reach your marketing and financial objectives, and how you use all these platforms in synergy so that you provide a cohesive brand message.

Modern marketing became an equation of different initiatives that will bring value to your brand while accomplishing multiple objectives.

An event itself doesn’t do anything anymore for your brand. “Hopefully” it brings a great experience to your audience, but in 99% of the cases, it will be forgotten very soon.  However an event coupled with a PR and online campaign where you build hype around the event and give the opportunity to your audience to emotionally connect by affiliation with your brand has a greater chance of not being forgotten. There are plenty of opportunities to do around events. PR and online became common but there is so much room for creativity that every single event you create should gather numerous marketing initiatives, so that your audience will have a harder time to forgetting about you.

~  CG


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