Aint nothin’ to it…

But to do it…

nikejustdoitSure, Nike was on to something when they said- Just Do It! We see a lot of brands and companies around these parts from start-ups to well established businesses. Some are on their ascend while some are plummeting. I don’t believe that a company is ever truly at a stand still. You’re either coming or going, profiting or lossing (not a word I know). I see a lot of great ideas that never get off of the blocks. I see horrible ideas and concepts that are enough to make you cringe (I’ll everyone off the hook here and not mention any names). But regardless of where your business is at whether booming, launching, or declining one thing is for certain, at all times you need to be “Doing”. Remember that you can’t grow moss on a rolling stone.

I was having a conversation with this young man the other day about how to “come up”. Although I think that is a vague and ambiguous term, I understood that he was referencing establishing himself in the music industry and make some cheddar in the process. My answer was simply this… there are those that do and those that don’t. If you are one of the people that “do” you will surpass many in the process that “don’t”. Now, that is not a recipe for success, but it is an element of success.

In these uncertain times, we all need to do as much as possible to ensure the future of our businesses. Start a checklist, an idea list, a to do list or any other list that can keep you in line with “Doing”. Because the only way to get it done is to “get ‘er done”, plain and simple…

Ain’t nothin to it!



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