Agenda and beyond…

Deth Kills wall @ Agenda

Deth Kills wall @ Agenda

What can be said about the Agenda Trade Show that hasn’t been said about every other trade show in the industry?
A trade show by definition (trade fair or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trends and opportunities.

Hurley + Converse wall @ Agenda

Hurley + Converse wall @ Agenda

I hear a lot of speculation about the future of ASR or how Crossroads is changing the skate industry. I hear similar conversations when talking about Surf Expo, Magic or the new Moat show. Beyond the speculation, I think what’s most important to note is simply this, Brands need a place to show their products, retailers need to be current on what’s new and everyone in the industry should know what trends are coming and going.

Flud Watches Booth

Flud Watches Booth

I ran into an old friend of mine at the Agenda show and he gave me an “over it” look, saying something along the lines of being tired of the events and wandering why he even went to trade shows anymore. I realized then and there that that is such a negative attitude. I was there to see new brands, shake hands, make new contacts and try to help businesses grow and establish themselves in the marketplace. I also needed to educate myself on what new trends, styles and brand are coming up, not to mention I think Agenda is doing a good job and I just wanted to be there to show support. No, I’m not a retailer or brand, but yes I do find use for trade shows in my business.

Mr. Strubing spotted @ Agenda

Mr. Strubing spotted @ Agenda

I think “Trade Shows” hold an important place in our industry. Each expo offers something different and unique and if utilized properly they can be a very effective tool to help you increase your understanding of the market place.



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