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I just came across a very interesting article on MediaPost in regards with sports and new media. Just to give you a quick rundown, the article, titled “Everyone is now the Sports Media” talks about how “reporters aren’t the only ones who can comment on a late-inning rally, break news about a trade or evaluate draft picks”. For writer Howard K. Brodwin, the Fan is now the Media, the Player is now the Media, the Team is now the Media, the Owner is now the Media and the League is now the Media. Well it is extremely true and applies to action sports even more than to other sports.

A few months ago, I was having a conversation with my buddy over at ASG, and I was telling him that Brands became a serious competitor of all the media companies, including large groups such as Transworld and ASG. He was not agreeing so much. Brands don’t give all the news in the industry, but they give more relevant news with exclusive video content and photos. And that’s what our market is after. Media companies will all talk about the same events, news, etc. but Brands will give them insights on what their favorite skateboarders are up to, or where their next beach cleanup is.

Nonprofits are also news providers. Look at Surfrider Foundation. I get their weekly newsletters, and it is always very insightful and relevant to what I am looking for. If I want the most progressive skate content out there, I can just go onto TheBerrics.com (Eric Koston and Steve Berra). The 2 pro skaters created a huge hype around this site and has now million of viewers that come to the site to feed themselves with the corest content.

Then, of course, you have the sanctioning bodies, such as the ASP, that gives consistent event news, pics and videos.  More recent sites such as allisports.com are new platforms that provide info on specific events they partner with. They let you know about event locations, tv schedule, and keep you updated with plenty of video content and photos.

And finally you have the thousands of bloggers and social media freaks out there that blog, twitt, facebook a few times a day.

So, my question is “what are traditional media planning on to survive this increasing competition?”, and “as a Brand, how do you separate yourself from your competitor and how do you best utilize your assets to make your fans more loyal than ever before?”

Social media has without a doubt became an amazing tool to communicate to your target market, but it also put up many barriers: lack of control, content consistency and relevancy, easy access for everyone to be the New Media, etc.

As a marketing guru for the action sports and lifestyle markets, we cannot stress enough the importance of being part of this trend (yes, you have no choice), but without forgetting to not do it for the sake of doing it. Bring up authenticity, utilize your best assets in the most creative way, be creative and impress your crowd. Always wonder what they are in search for and what will make them come back to you.

~ CG


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