Changing Tides…

My Father lent me a book the other day that he thought I’d enjoy. When I got it I was excited not because of the subject/topic but rather because I realized that I hadn’t read a book since the beginning of the year. I then felt disappointed in myself for never reading. But then I realized that I read all day long. It’s all I do. I may not read books, but I read blogs, websites, magazines, emails, blurbs, twits, etc… Not only am I reading, but I’m writing all day as well. I’m responding to emails, twitting, blogging, etc… (I also work, don’t get it twisted).

Then it dawned on me. Everyone else is doing the same thing these days. In my Father’s day in age as a sales man in the graphic arts industry, his work revolved around in person interaction. He picked up the phone and talked to a prospect, the then set an appointment, he’d drive to the office and physically meet the person. They might have lunch and if it was a good day, they’d do business together and often times for many years to come. If he operated in 2009 he would have sent an email and either gotten a positive or negative response. Chances are he would never have to meet the person face to face and phone calls would be kept to a minimum. His customers would be able to place orders online and his job would have been centered around the laptop versus the phone. He used to read books at lunch almost every day, because that was the only time he had to read. I purposely don’t check emails on my phone at lunch because that is the only time I can give my eyes a rest… My, how things have changed.

My realization through all of this is that we operate at a completely different level in terms of social interaction. Who knows, in the future there may even be a new mode of communication outside of emails and cell phones. But one thing is for sure, nothing will ever beat a handshake and a smile.



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