Made in America…

Made in America - Movie

Made in America - Movie

Last week I rented Made in America, Stacy Peralta’s documentary about the history of Gangs in Los Angeles with focus on the Bloods and Crips. The film is shocking and I highly recommend everyone watches it and tells a friend. Gang violence has gone on for far too long not only in Los Angeles but all across America. As we all know it is the impoverished areas that are hit the hardest. These are the areas with extreme lack of Role models, Resources, Jobs, Programs, etc… I commend Stacy for exploring this area and showing the world that we need to pull together if we are every really going to make a change in these communities. Unfortunately every year new children are given guns and join gangs because they have no hope and are looking to latch onto anything that gives them a sense of belonging.

Again, please watch this film and get involved however you can.
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  1. If you’re serious about helping reduce gang violence, support the Youth PROMISE act ( and recruit your friends. This legislation is poised to make a big difference for at-risk youth in communities that are troubled with gang violence.

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