Can you spare some Change…

We’ve all heard it before. I’m even guilty of saying it many times. The only constant, truly is change. It is inevitable. There are those that try to fight change but it’s a losing battle- Nothing gold can stay. The critics critique change because they don’t know how to define what comes after change (case in point Charlie Parkers early career). Change isn’t always good or bad, but it is inevitable and it is coming. Such is life.

In the “Core” action sports community, there always seems to be a great hesitation towards change. While other industries have made great leaps and bounds in technologies and business models in general, I still see a lot of the action sports industry digging in their heels.

It’s one thing to come from a place of great reverence for your history and culture, but it’s another thing to lose the battle against change. We are in a time of great restructuring as a nation and global economy at large. Unemployment has hit 9.5% in the US and the EU economy is being hit just as hard.

The way we once did business has changed and the industry is evolving before our eyes. It’s now time to embrace change. Nothing will ever be the same and the clock doesn’t go backwards.



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