Skate Shop Showcase – A Complete Success

The recent Skate Shop Showcase event on June 20th at the Gallery 1018 in Downtown Los Angeles was an absolute success.

The skate shop showcase was more than an event, it was a complete experience engulfed in Skate Culture. The location was outfitted with lounges, an eclectic mix of music, free drinks, tacos, live art and a real sense of community. The vibe of the party made everyone feel that they were truly a part of something unique and progressive, keeping spirits high and the place packed from beginning to end.

Brian Lotti - Spoken Word

Brian Lotti - Spoken Word

The concept of the event was simple, each store was given a designated amount of wall space within the gallery to which they were free to design however they felt best represented their store. The artwork ranged from a robot built from skateboards (Shelter), live painting (Transport), interactive art (ZJ Boarding House), technical portraits by Danny Gonzalez (Goodtimes) and tons more.

Transport Skate Shop

Transport Skate Shop

The night was completed with the addition of live performances including the Rock and Roll sensation Vesuvia Sonic, The avant-garde and genius drum and bass duo Ninja Academy, the female phenomenon known as Brevi and a poetry reading dedicated to the skate shops written and performed by skate legend Brian Lotti. Rounding out the night was a slew of DJ’s including Patric Melcher keeping the sound of soul in the air and bodies moving on the dance-floor.

Vesuvia Sonic

Vesuvia Sonic

The Skate Shop Showcase was presented by Ollie Pop and co-sponsored by ASR, Lost Energy, Rumba Energy, Rasta Tacos, Skateboarder Magazine, Project Nightlight, Barefoot Wines, Go SK8 and Firestone.

To view complete slide show click here…


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