Skate Shop Showcase Explained…

This upcoming Saturday June 20th we’ll be producing the Skate Shop Showcase event in Downtown LA. The first Skate Shop Showcase was held in May 2006 and it hosted 15 stores, a premiere of Brian Lotti’s “First and Hope”, a tons of Bands, DJ’s and over 500 in attendance.

A few months back we decided that we wanted to put the event together again, especially since the response was overwhelming great from the last event.

I just wanted to take a moment and explain the true reasoning and motivation behind this event…

I have been a skateboarder for the greater part of my life. As a kid growing up Skate Shops were far and few between. The stores that did exist really served as a central hub for the skate community. As I moved into my teens I started working at stores and I made it a point to be influential in the community through sponsoring local kids, hosting events – art shows, live bands, demos, etc. I felt it my responsibility to give back to the community what it had given to me as a kid.

As a young adult, I ditched my last 2 years of school to start my own Skate Shop and thus began my entrepreneurial journey (but that’s another story). Again, in my own store I did as much as possible to inspire kids to push their abilities both on and off a skateboard, be it in music, art, school, etc. I have always felt it the responsibility of a “core” shop to be a reflection of the culture and to be a central figure in the community.

After my own store I managed a few larger stores in SF and back in LA, again I did as much as possible to give back and uphold the image of a true Skate Shop.

I know for a fact that I am not alone in this. There are so many great shops out there that are extremely involved in their communities and have ingrained themselves in the lives of many skaters worldwide.

So when I was approached to host a “skate related’ art event a few years back, I figured why not put the spotlight on the those that deserve it most in the skate community – the Skate Shops.

The truth of the matter is simply this… if we stop making the effort to do things for the betterment of the community, industry and culture, no one else will. The responsibility lays solely on the shoulders of those that care. Especially in this day in age where online competition and chains are pushing mom and pops out of business, it is even more important to remain united. The extreme alternative is the “core shop” becoming distinct.

I’d like to thank everyone that believed in our cause and got behind the Skate Shop Showcase to make it a reality…
Ollie Pop (Presenting Sponsor)
Lost Energy
Barefoot Wines
Go Sk8
Rhumba juice
Rasta Taco
Skateboarder Magazine
Red Nectar

I’d also like to thank all the talent and shops that will be involved. It is going to be an amazing event.

See you there!!!



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