How Deep is Your Brand…

I was watching a movie last night called Le Gran Voyage about young man taking his father on a pilgrimage to Mecca. There was a really cool scene in the movie where the young man (I think he’s about 17 in the film) is at a bar with an older man and he asks if it’s a sin to drink alcohol. The man replies, “that depends on how deep your soul is”. Then he gave this example, if you pour a glass of red wine into a vase that already contains water, the color of the water will change. But, if you pour that same glass of wine into the ocean the color of the water will not change…

I then thought it’s the same exact thing with marketing. If you are a small local brand and you run an ad in a national publication, you might not change a thing, but maybe, if you target a smaller market you can see noticeable changes. Likewise, if you do want to change the color of the ocean you may need a bigger glass…



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