Square Space…

Maybe I’m showing up late on this one, but for all you tech saavy gurus out there give me a break. Recently I was told about Square Space. If you’re like me, then you hate not knowing about the new, current and updated forms of Social networking out there.

Once I heard about Square Space, I did what any self-respecting Social Networker would do and I immediately signed up for a Free account (14 days only). I then spent the weekend figuring it out.

So what is Square Space? I’ll give you my brief description based upon my findings. Square Space is a platform to build personal websites. In my opinion it’s like creating a WordPress Blog (like this one), yet being able design it in the way that you want with limited Web/CSS design knowledge. For example you can set up a page to look like a normal HTML website page or you can have a journal page like a normal blog. You can add pages and paginate (sub categories for your pages), you can add links, categories, images or keep it simple. There are different templates to use, you can upload wallpapers and custom headers and you can move sections around. Want the categories column on the left? Sure why not… On the back end you have access to a very detailed chart of Stats, pingbacks, comment moderation, etc. You can also add numerous widgets – Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and tons more. It might take a little more time to learn it, but watch the free tutorial and spend a day or two and you’ll be fairly well versed on how to create your own page.

But… it does cost $8 a month, which I haven’t paid yet, and that’s where WordPress wins. Not to mention wordpress has an iPhone app. but enough about that. This is about Square Space.

My overall opinion is that Square Space is on the rise and you should at least know about it.



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