Ad Name Here…

We live in a celebrity culture. I believe it was Andy Warhol who gave America its first real look at its lust for the celeb (watch any Warhol doc and you’ll agree). In this modern Celebrity culture we have a tendency to attach “names” to any and every product on the market. Does Michael Jordan really drink Coca-Cola? Does any Olympic athlete really eat at McDonalds? It doesn’t matter. If the advertisement says they do, the masses will believe it’s true.

In the action sports we have a very similar tendency to attach Pro/Am names to every product on the market. Especially in the Action Sports Industry. In my opinion it’s understandably so. If Koston skates Indy’s that must mean they’re a damn good truck. If Reynolds jumps down flights of stairs in Emerica’s I bet they’re not too bad. But can we and have we gone a bit too far with the endorsements? I by no means am passing judgement on the athletes themselves, we all need to pay rent. However, what does Pro XYZ have to do with endorsing a Hot Dog brand? Who knows, maybe they make a killer dog…?

It seems as though you can attach a name to any product to increase it’s brand recognition. It doesn’t seem to matter what the product is. The “name” however does matter, and I guess that’s ultimately the important part to our industry. Maybe we can take it a step further and match the right names to the right products. I remember when Aaron Snyder endorsed Old Spice, it worked because he had the clean cut, “I smell good” vibe working for him, which made the ad believable.

So for all you brands out there, think before you endorse and for all your talented Am/Pros out there think before you ink a deal. But hey if the shoe fits endorse it, right?

At least the hair product industry didn’t sponsor any pros for their ads. Because we all truly know, skaters don’t wear hair gel…



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