What’s next??

Trends. They come and go. Sometimes they stay longer because some advocate, be it a celebrity or iconoclast, directly (or indirectly) promotes it. What’s funny is that no matter the trend there will always be those who hail it and, in turn, the haters. Crocs is a pretty good example. So are Tomogachi’s, the electronic pocket pet that made it big in 6th grade. I don’t want to present a list of past trends that have been subject to such dichotomy, but I feel that in this era a new trend is worthy of being mentioned – social media sites. Specially, Twitter.

When I was in high school this growing trend started with a simple blogsite called Live Journal. It didn’t last very long because people discovered Myspace. Eventually, by the time I got into college and up until recently the trend had finally expanded with Facebook. This site took the stage for a very long time. That is, until Twitter arrived. Yup, this is another blog about Twitter. A lot of professionals that I’ve encountered lately tell me that this social networking tool is pretty important to have in one’s daily repertoire. Sure, it’s a great marketing tool, but what more is it than a somewhat convenient Facebook status? I mean, I don’t care if you’re brushing your teeth or just sitting down to dinner. Actually, I’m going to stop following you if that’s all you’re going to tweet about. In fact, what’s up with this whole following thing? I have to recruit people to view my updates? Sounds like someone is looking for attention…

Anyways, Twitter is a pretty interesting “tool” that seems to have grabbed the attention of many companies and individuals, including myself. But don’t let the hype guide you. Something better will and always comes out.

~ JC


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