Sweet Idealism…

I guess I’ve been an idealist my whole life. Idealism is based on the philosophy that the ultimate nature of reality is based on mind or ideas. Meaning that if you truly believe in something, it becomes your reality. Idealism is in contrast with the philosophy of “realism” which deals more in the realm of certainties and proof (but that’s just my take on such divine matters).

As someone who grew up on the streets of L.A. as a skater/surfer/artist/dj aka “street kid”, I grew up with a lot of idealism. I thought that Skaters could rule the world, that Hip-hop and Punk Rock could change society and that if we remained united, we could create our own destiny (there I go again, sounding idealistic).

But… was I wrong in my assumptions? Can we as a small group still create for change and better our future? I believe we can. I believe in turning ideas into reality and I take a stand for progression. Call me idealistic.


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