Social Media

What is Social Media? It’s how people discover and share, news and content. Last week I attended the Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco. The room was filled with social media experts and those alike. These days we are experiencing a boom in social media across the board. You have Myspace, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Is twitter a craze? It’s inevitable; a platform becomes so popular, gains mainstream appeal, and the race to the bottom begins. But let’s face millions of people are twittering. I would describe it as an online word of mouth marketing platform.

The internet has been transforming the way we market for several years. In order to stay competitive you need to be online and be able to utilize the latest marketing techinques and tools. You can reach a broader audience through different online mediums and it’s important to engage and interact with your audience/community, that’s esentially what social media .  A few things that were talked about at the Inbound Marketing Summit :       


– Listen: It starts with sharing and listening to your community; Where and What are your clients/customers saying? Are they Happy?
– Engage your community: Thank and talk to your clients/customers and don’t be afraid to ask questions
– Monitoring Engagement: Web Metrics that matter – unique visitors, time spent, comments, inbound links, etc
– Build your community: Think lifestyle and not just about the product. Don’t pimp your product 🙂
– Be relevant, Be Authentic, & Be Reliable
– Don’t criticize your competitors
– Don’t forget to continue to innovate

Overall, social media has enabled us to watch our news spread. Remember to allow for feedback and responses because your community is an important asset and you should be honest with any issues at hand. Our job is simple; we need to be honest, clear and just have fun.



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