It’s a shame

I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. And we had this great conversation on brands being more than a product, but actually having a purpose. So many brands claim their association with being Green. And they should since nowadays it is something that attracts people. But truly, are they?

Anyway, we ended up talking about trash and pollution. It brought to my attention something I didn’t know, and shame on me for not knowing.

Between California and Japan, there is this huge pile of plastic and trash in the middle of the ocean. The pile is twice the size of Texas and 90 ft deep. I just wanted to mention this today, because I think it is a shame. Our oceans are as important as the oxygen we breath, so we should stop littering and throwing out cigarettes over the car window. We should start making more effort by being more respectful to our Earth. I’m over hearing people or companies saying they are green, take action!

Surfrider is an amazing nonprofit that will help you make the 1st step. Spread the word, and don’t litter anymore.

Check out the video:



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