How much is too much?

After getting into snowboarding (which is pretty crazy in my opinion), Ed Hardy now comes with a Wine product.

Ed Hardy Wine

Ok, is this how it is supposed to go? Doesn’t it become too much at some point?

I mean Ed Hardy stepping into the action sports industry was already quite a joke to me, but I figured that there was a lot of casual snowboarders out there that love Ed Hardy and don’t care about what is considered cool or core in the snow industry. So ok, I guess, I can respect that, even though Ed Hardy is far from being an expert at marketing to snowboarders.

But now, with the launch of Ed Hardy wines, I really don’t know what to think anymore. I am French and I have been a core snowboarder for the past 17 years. To me, wine and snowboarding are not just products you can brand and throw out in the market. You need passion and knowledge about the products. With Ed Hardy, it seems like it’s a lot more about growing the business however they can, thinking that all these branded products are great ideas, but in the end I think they might want to be careful, because no connoisseur will buy Ed Hardy wines or snowboards, and this is guaranteed.

Maybe Ed hardy should try to gain respect from the industries they are tapping into instead of taking advantage of what they think will sell.

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