Just a refreshing memory

Tim and I were talking about old skate and snow videos this morning. And the first video that came to my mind and that I would LOVE to watch again was the Haakonsen Factor (1999 I think).

I thought I could easily find the full video on Youtube.com but not really. The first clip that came up though is the one with the soundtrack from The Sound Providers (btw, the soundtracks of both Terje’s movies are dope), and after about 2 minutes 30 sec, it features Shaun White’s first pro video part ever (if I am not mistaken, so let me know if it’s not). The kid might be about 12 or 13 years old and he is already throwing down some big 9s in the pipe or BS 3s on some transition in skate. Check it out and remember that was 10 years ago!!!

~ CG


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