Keep the Juices Flowing

Part of business and entrepreneurialism is knowing how to keep the creative juices flowing. This can be true in concepting new products, creative financing, ad campaigns, guerilla marketing and so forth. A business needs creativity to keep it competitive and/or one step ahead of the competition. 

I find it very important to have a good resource of creative wells to draw from. There are numerous resources out there to find creative inspiration. Here are a few that keep my creative juices flowing, thus helping me to be a better entrepreneur:

The Apprentice – Rent it and watch it. There is also the UK and Celebrity versions.
Art Venues- Local shows, Galleries, Museums, Low Brow, Fine Art, etc…
Music – Pandora radio anyone? Yes, please… Music makes the world go ’round.
Magazines – There are so many great magazines out there from Artforum to Juxtapoz and beyond.
Sketching – Grab a cheap sketch binder, a few pens and markers and start doodling. It’s a good workout for the brain.



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