Un Content…

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit disenchanted with the whole “Race for content”. I’ve also stopped checking 5 sites at a time knowing I can pretty much get the same content from just 1. You know the deal, XYZ company hires on new VP and now 100 websites copy and paste the info onto a blurb. But what does that really accomplish? This is the devils advocate deep inside speaking here by the way…

Sure I understand that a website or blog, in or order to function properly and maximize its exposure needs frequent content. The more the better. But “more” doesn’t have to mean boring or regurgitated. If you are on the hunt for constant content, I challenge you to take it a step further and at least put a spin on the content. Maybe open up for discussion via “comments” or sincerely add your opinion on the topic (which will always be unique).

Granted, there are different types of websites providing for different types of content out there. Should a brand post the same info as a media site or a personal blog? NO. But that is exactly what I am seeing out there. So I felt it was my duty to at least say something about it.

Remember that the content you produce should be a reflection of who you are and where you are coming from. If Danny Way jumps over the Golden Gate bridge, i’d expect The Channel 5 news team, The SF Weekly and TWS Biz to all cover the same event in different ways. So my question to you is, how are you differentiating your content and personalizing it?



3 Responses to “Un Content…”

  1. pandrewh Says:

    Well put. I second the notion.

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  3. Man, I complain about this same thing so much I sound like a broken record. Glad I’m not the only one who finds it exhausting to read the same stuff handled in the same way on 10 diff sites at a time.

    Ninety-percent of the time a press release should NOT be considered “content” but now is. What used to be a starting point for an article is now a case of Apple C/Apple V/”Publish.” Part of it is good olde fashioned laziness but a lot of it does stem, as you say, from that drive to publish quantity so people come back to your site. But — if all they get is the same old shit — why would they come back?

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