10 best things out of the Group Y panel 04/15

Last night was the Group Y networking biz event at the Red Bull HQ.

Typical panel (big names in the action sports biz industry). Typical networking event I thought. Well, I was sincerely impressed and I wish ALL marketing people out there would get it the same way these brands/retailers do.

Just a quick recap on the night:

Topic: Action Sports In the Mainstream—Where Do We Go From Here?

Panelists included:
Chris Stiepock – Vice President & General Manager, X Games franchise
Don Brown, Senior Vice President, Sole Technology (soletechnology.com)
Per Welinder – President, Blitz Distribution and Chairman of the Board, IASC (blitzdistribution.com, skateboardiasc.org)
Todd Roberts – Owner, ZJ Boarding House and Chairman, Board Retailers Association (zjboardinghouse.com, www.boardretailers.org)
Angelo Ponzi – Senior Marketing executive and Co-founder, Board-Trac (www.board-trac.net)

The discussion was heated with subjects such as social media, grassroots initiatives, new brands in a recession, core stores vs. mass market shops, etc. Basically, if you didn’t show up, you missed a lot of amazing insights.

Just for you, here are my 10 favorite quotes or points the speakers brought up last night:

1. Social media is mandatory nowadays. If you don’t do it yet. Get on top of it right now, otherwise you might not last long.

2. “Make sure that Action Sports stays in the hands of those who love it” – Don (Sole Tech)

3. “Social media is important but Grassroots initiatives really are the way to go especially if your a smaller company”

4. Have your friends call other stores to ask about your product and see if they have it….this is actually what a lot of fashion companies have done in the past

5. You have to go with the change but you also have to protect your brand from going away from your focus and what you are all about

6. This is the best time to start a company and get noticed, but make sure your new company is needed, and that it serves a purpose

7. You can expand your outreach by creating different lines of products that serves different market needs. Nike, Sole Tech, Vans and Converse are perfect examples.

8. As a core shop, you have to be involved in the community. That’s where it’s at.

9. If you are a new brand, show your involvement in the community and in the sport, whether it’s skate, snow, surf.

10. PR is unrated in the industry. People don’t realize the potential and power PR has.

~ CG


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