The Cool Police…

I’d venture to say that most of us involved in the modern world of action sports, art, music and entertainment have at one time or another sounded the alarm and flashed the lights as the “Cool Police”. You know when you’ve opened that magazine and there was that One Ad that made you roll your eyes and say something like… “Lame” or “are you kidding me”? Yeah, I’ve done it too. Or how about when someone has asked you if you know about (Place public figure here) or (Place Brand/Company name here) and you said something like, “yeah I know of them, they’re the worst”.

And maybe, just maybe you’ve never had any of these thoughts cross you’re mind or you’re kind enough to not voice your OPINION on such trivial matters. This entry then isn’t for you. But for the rest of us out there who feel we own the rights to “Cool”. Let’s take a moment of Introspection…

What makes something cool? Is cool universal? I think the Beatles, John Coletrane and Danny Way are cool all in different yet similar ways (if that makes sense). I think skateboarding Soda commercials (using actors that don’t skate), Pop stars with obviously no talent and Companies that whore themselves out is uncool. I mean, am I alone in this?

My take is that “Cool”, real genuine “cool” is not something that can be bought or sold. It has to come from within. You can’t draw, manufacture or package it. Cool by its very nature emits Cool. And if you can’t recognize it when you see it, you probably never will. But there I go again sounding the alarm. I realize that this is ultimately a matter of preference, opinion and personal taste. Who are you or I to really say what it cool or uncool? The Cool Police that’s who!

Dispatch -Calling all Cool Police Officers to Comment…


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